JAC was founded by Sam & Yvonne Milligan in 1998. During that time tens of thousands of young people have been encouraged and supported on the streets or through the services and mentoring programmes that JAC offer.

Here are some of the highlights from our 20 years service

2017 Fundraising for the JAC House – to provide supported accommodation


2016             Successful Fundraising Campaign to buy a horse box


2015  JAC is the winner of the M & S Energy National award of £20,000 


2014       The official opening of our Rehoboth activity centre and stables



2013     Building work started at Rehoboth


2012  Dave Powell leaves the JAC Early Team – JAC go international in 2015 when he starts JAC Canada 


2011  The JACPAD and market start operating this year


 2010  Sue Kirby joins JAC and pioneers work in Crowthorne


2009  Naomi Milligan joins JAC


2008   JAC receive the Queens award – the highest award for voluntary service


2007                Just In The Park Cafe Opens

2006  Trudi Craske (now Eisner) joins JAC and is a judge for JAC Idol



2005   Tyson Brown dies – leaving many young people with spiritual questions – The Birth of JAC Church (now Eden)



2004    We bought Jack and this was the start of our equine work



2003  Sam Milligan and Adelle Bush were the first employees of JAC


2002 Chris Doughty joins the team and we purchase the Shogun after starting with one £5 donation from a young person


2001   The JAC House becomes our office and the base for some of our work


2000  Secondary School lunch time sessions start in Woodley & JAC run the Hawaiian bar at Woodley Carnival

1999  JAC is officially registered with the Charity Commission


1998   On Good Friday the van takes to the street for the first time



1998 Inside Red van