Formerly known as ‘JAC Church’

A few years ago the JAC van visited Ashenbury Park during the summer, where young people would congregate looking for answers to their questions following the death of a young man who lived in Woodley.  As the seasons changed, they were encouraged to attend their local churches but it was obvious that they didn’t feel comfortable without the company of their peers.  A decision was made to meet into the home of one of the leaders – when the young people named the meeting ‘JAC Church’.  As the group grew, it moved to a bigger house, making a final move to Woodley Airfield Youth and Community Centre which is where we will be found on Sunday evenings.

Come and join us!

EVERYONE is welcome.  Eden is an all age church with members ranging from early teens to retired couples.

Refreshments are served from 7.00 pm with the meeting starting at 7.30.

No two weeks are the same but there is no shortage of fun and energy.

In the summer of each year we head for Southbourne to baptise new believers in the sea.