Rehoboth Activity Centre

JAC had a vision to have a centre to integrate the different aspects of the work all on one site. The land was released by Peter Luff in 2013 and our staff, volunteers, local churches and businesses came together to provide labour and materials to build this dream into a reality. The multi-activity centre and stables was named Rehoboth after a well in the bible: Genesis 26:22 “Now the LORD has given us room and we will flourish in the land.” Rehoboth is 15 acres of land and contains an office block, activity rooms, a stable block (with 9 stables), a menage (riding school) and small animals enclosures.

The centre was opened by Zara Tindall, the Queens granddaughter and Olympic medallist on May 13th 2014. Zara toured the premises, watched a Equine Assisted Learning demonstration, planted an oak tree and unveiled a plaque to mark her visit.

Click here to see XN medias video of her visit: