Home to our 19 beloved, very peckish hens and our regal cockerel. Most our chickens are re-homed retired factory chickens, that love clucking around their outdoor enclosure.

Though chickens cannot fly, they can put on an incredible show flapping their wings and hosting a great escape! Watch Mike take on our chickens by sharing some top tips in how to catch a chicken and handle them with care..

Why not make your own chicken to look after at home? Simply download our cockerel, colour him in, then cut him out and help him stand by cutting along the dotted line and sliding his legs on!


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£10 This amount each week covers one horse's shoeing, flu jabs and vet bills

£30 This amount pays for a young person to access a mentoring session in the horticulture or small animal mentoring streams

£45 This will pay for the bedding for one of our horses for a month

£50 This will pay for a half term's worth of hot chocolate for the young people to drink while they discuss with their mentor

£90 This will feed all of the animals on site for a week