Welcome to JAC! Whether this is your first time coming into our abode or the 23409th time, you are more than welcome!

Come in, get settled, have yourself a nosey and get involved with all the activities, tours and tutorials available online here at JAC.

To give you a little more of an insight as to what JAC is all about, how we started, what kind of things we get up to and the central core of JAC, here's a clip from our founders Sam & Yvonne Milligan.

Want to know what it's really like on the ground as a youth mentee? Here's two of our lovely young people, giving their perspective and experience of how JAC has helped and encouraged them.

Before you get started, why not download our animal bingo and tick off the animals as you go round our online site, good luck!


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£10 This amount each week covers one horse's shoeing, flu jabs and vet bills

£30 This amount pays for a young person to access a mentoring session in the horticulture or small animal mentoring streams

£45 This will pay for the bedding for one of our horses for a month

£50 This will pay for a half term's worth of hot chocolate for the young people to drink while they discuss with their mentor

£90 This will feed all of the animals on site for a week