The music stream of mentoring allows a young person with an interest in music to be paired with a mentor who will encourage them to explore, understand and appreciate music, and their interaction with it, to express themselves by following one of the various programmes.

Our mentoring programmes explore young people’s identity, traits and characteristics.   The programmes look at the young person’s hopes and dreams, will challenge them to have a go at goal setting, to build upon their confidence and self-esteem.  The young person’s own value of themselves (self-worth) is often related to the ability to establish and maintain friendships so these areas are explored.  Sessions will look at the young person’s natural communication style and body language.  Specialist programmes on anger, choices and control, stress, and a sensory programme have been developed to run alongside and continue the basic programme to help the young person work on the areas most relevant to themselves as individuals.  The most recent programme to be rolled out, called “Mental Health and Well-being”, is related to the emotional health of young people and their experiences during the lockdown of COVID 19.     

The music stream is ideal for those with an aptitude for music, those that like to listen to, and discuss, music, those that are happy to have explore their own identity through music and those that like to have a peaceful and relaxed approach to activities. It may also be an area of choice for those young people who have had little experience with animals and may feel more comfortable to make the occasional visit to them, rather than spend all session with them.

The aim of these sessions is not necessarily to create a piece of beautiful artwork – it is the internal reflection and external discussion that occurs as the mentor leads the session that will be the mark of success.  That said, there are many times when a high quality piece of work has been produced, especially one which is valued by the young people, that has boosted the young person’s confidence and has allowed them to go onto to make further projects and life decisions of which they can be justly proud.  

Young people are referred to this programme from Social Services, Schools, Local Education Authorities, Pupil Referral Units, Youth Services and Parents. We can work with young people in small groups (upto 3), if appropriate, but most of our work is 1-1.


Prices can vary according to the needs of the young person or mentor to young person ratio. Most sessions for Music mentoring are priced at £400 per term (these are based on 60 minute sessions). 

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