Welcome to our poly tunnel!

Inside this interesting tube-like structure, is the perfect climate to grow veg and various plants that need a warmer atmosphere. Many of our mentee's enjoy the warm space as part of the horticulture programme we run here at JAC. 

To understand how poly tunnels are made and what they are used for, Robbie is here to explain all:

Though you might not have a large enough garden to put up your own poly tunnel, a warm windowsill with direct sunlight, or conservatory will work just as well.

If you fancy having a go growing your own at home, then why not grab a box below containing all you will need for your very own horticulture experience...


With such a large site to take care of, there is always something to do. We are looking for people who have a passion for gardening, who work with their hands outdoors, or individuals that don't have much of a clue about horticulture but are keen on plants and the outdoors. If you are an individual in one of these categories we would love for you to get in touch and volunteer for us.