Why are we praying?

JAC is founded, rooted and grounded in prayer. It comes as no surprise that we are only here, able to give what we give, and serve as we serve by continuous prayer, that has been so graciously and faithfully ANSWERED. We know and believe in a God that hears us, see's us and love's us, who delights in us and longs to be in a communicative relationship with us. As such, we will not stop praying for JAC, for God to intervene and have His will, here in Berkshire, as it is in Heaven. 

What to pray? Where do I start?

THANKS! God has brought us so far, to Him belongs the glory for all JAC has done and achieved so far, rejoicing in all things..

Pray for:

- With lockdown easing our senior management team and staff will need renewed strength for perseverance, as well as wisdom in easing restrictions at JAC for our mentee's and programmes.

- For the children and young people during the Summer Break: that they would be strengthened and encouraged, putting to practice and dwelling on what they have learnt here with us. For the wellbeing and mental health of these young people as lockdown eases and this summer holiday is likely to be out of the 'norm'. Pray against fear of meeting people again and the possible problems coming out of lockdown holds.

- For JAC's summer: we have not been able to have our physical fundraising events as we usually are able to. This has been a great sadness and difficulty with finances, however, God is still sovereign, He is still good, and by His grace we have been able to put on this virtual event for a whole month. By His grace He will provide in the right way and the right time. Pray for us as we rest over the summer, work out our steps for the next academic year and please pray for JAC in it's financial position in this uncertain economical time. And that many will be reached through these fundraising events.

- For the stables and all the animals we have here at JAC: that they will be kept safe, well and won't miss all their lovely visitor's over the break

- For our future plans: _____

If you would like to keep updated with what's going on here at JAC to fuel your prayers for Rehoboth, then you can subscribe to our monthly prayer diary by emailing us at: [email protected]

If you find structured prayers helpful in aiding your prayer life, then please download any of the prayers below:

The Lord's prayer

God's love in and through us : Liturgy

Loving young people as our Father loves them : Liturgy

A prayer for family : Liturgy

A prayer for our nation

A prayer for JAC

Alternatively, if you would like to get involved then you can upload your own words, songs you want to pray over the work, land and staff here at JAC: