Welcome to our front desk! Normally, if you were arriving at JAC on site, the front desk would be your first port of call. Here you have the privilege of meeting our lovely Kate virtually, and get a glimpse into one of her favourite things about this work space...

Normally, here at JAC we would host a Fun Day in July each summer as a chance to welcome people onto our site and fundraise for our charity. However, due to COVID-19 we have adapted our 'Fun Day' to a 'Fun Month' ... a WHOLE month of online access to our site here at JAC, allowing a deeper insight as to what we do here at JAC, as well as fun games and activities to get involved with. As such, one of our much loved mentors, Michaela is here to explain what we offer here at JAC for young people, and what our programmes entail:


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£10 This amount each week covers one horse's shoeing, flu jabs and vet bills

£30 This amount pays for a young person to access a mentoring session in the horticulture or small animal mentoring streams

£45 This will pay for the bedding for one of our horses for a month

£50 This will pay for a half term's worth of hot chocolate for the young people to drink while they discuss with their mentor

£90 This will feed all of the animals on site for a week