WELCOME to our Red Room! This is our hub and home; the core area parents can sit and chat with each other creating an atmosphere and community of understanding. It is here we host meetings with schools, churches and supporters of JAC, in turn supporting the parents of young people at JAC. We felt it was such a precious room, holding warm moments and vulnerability that we wanted to continue that support and network... As such, in place of the red room at distance due to COVID-19, we have created an online platform for parents and carer's of young people to continue this support network.

If you would like to join in our closed parent support network group, as part of our JAC Facebook page then please click the button below to be 'allowed in'


As part of this online event, we have had the privilege and opportunity to team up with a local and incredible charity, Parenting Special Children: https://www.parentingspecialchildren.co.uk/support-we-offer/

Keep your eyes out for a published video from Parenting Special Children, during this event month.

As well as this clip, Parenting Special Children are also hosting a specialised SEND & Mental Health conference for carers and parents, in September 2020:

Useful links and resources for parents:

Available online workshops on navigating the Coronavirus with Autistic children:

A child-friendly explanation of the Coronavirus, to help children better understand the circumstances we, as a nation, have gone through, are still going through and witnessing the consequences of a pandemic:


Supporting your child or young person with worries revolving around the Coronavirus:

Supporting parents and children during lockdown with separated/divorced parents:


Advice for parents in supporting young people with their mental health - including support regarding Coronavirus and available parent support groups:

Supporting and advising parents in understanding children with trauma:

Parenting for faith including helpful key tools and podcasts:


    Advice and support for parenting children with additional needs:


    How to keep your child safe online:

    Support for single parents supporting your child's wellbeing, talking through separation, bereavement and domestic abuse:

    Advice and support for YOUTH looking after your wellbeing:

    Advice from Barnardos in supporting your family:


       Useful links and resources for young people:

      Advice and support for youth looking after your wellbeing:

      Available online course appropriate for in and outside of the Coronavirus for young people coping with low mood and depression: