JAC 2023 Calendar

JAC Calendar for 2023 is here already! Fresh and ready for the coming new year with a double page spread, opening out to a beautiful A3 calendar with new photographs from across Rehoboth with space to write all your important dates and appointments. 

13 new photos with a mix of animals, activities & site images to bring a little bit of Rehoboth home to you.

We love capturing the many different elements of JAC and being able to bring it in a creative way is very exciting. We are aware you don't always get to see what goes on here. The calendar is a great way to share a little bit of this with you and for you to share with people you know. By buying the JAC Calendar 2023 you're continuing to support the vital emotional support work we do with children and young people. What's more, if you know somebody that attends JAC you can use it to open up conversations about what each photograph means to them to help them engage in more positive mindsets as they tell you a little about how they spend their time in this beautiful place.

We hope you enjoy these images throughout the year as much as we do & thank you for your continued support.