Sealed with a Kiss; Card & Peppermint Lip Balm

Send an extra special card using hand-made recycled paper made here at Rehoboth. What's even more special is this paper is scattered with wildflower seeds so that once your recipient is finished with it, they can plant it in the ground or even a pot and grow their very own wildflowers. Simply place it in soil, or tear up into smaller pieces, cover with soil, keep it hydrated and watch and wait.

Due to being individually hand made the cards are different shapes and you may lose a few seeds along the journey, but don't worry it's packed full with plenty more. Each card will be have a completely different design, no two cards will be the same, the seeds give a beautifully decorated pattern and inside it's smooth enough to write your own personalised message, we'd recommend using a ball point pen so not to saturate the delicate paper with ink.

Send a little gift along with the card, we've added a pot of our Rehoboth Lip Balm to seal this beautiful card with a kiss.


Rehoboth Beeswax

Peppermint Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Olive Oil

Coconut oil

12ml Aluminium tin

We are super excited at this product, as not only do we get to recycle; we've made our own paper! but you can continue the "green" cycle too by planting the paper and sowing pollinator plants to support our wildlife. What's not to love!