Home to our precious equine team members, you will have the opportunity to meet our horses, and learn the trick of the trade in mucking out the stables and caring for our animals. You will get a glimpse into the hard, yet rewarding work, that goes into the stables...

... and the not so nice work.

Meet our horses below, get to know them and their likes and dislikes, maybe even some fun facts too. Why not take it further by printing out their profile cards and play Top Trumps with your family and our horses!

Help Woggle find all the words in her woggled wordsearch.


Here at Rehoboth, we rely on donations to cover one of our biggest costs: our horses! In total, it costs more to house, feed and care for one horse than all of our small animals put together.

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£10 This amount each week covers one horse's shoeing, flu jabs and vet bills

£30 This amount pays for a young person to access a mentoring session in the horticulture or small animal mentoring streams

£45 This will pay for the bedding for one of our horses for a month

£50 This will pay for a half term's worth of hot chocolate for the young people to drink while they discuss with their mentor

£90 This will feed all of the animals on site for a week