HEY HO! Here we are, in our online studio! The hub of our creativity here at JAC and home to our pottery and arts mentors, Clare and Marcella. 

Stay tuned for videos and tutorials of various activities you can get involved with and create at home or in your garden! 

Our mentee's really enjoy trying out various forming techniques with the clay, making tiles, to hand building larger pots, sculpting and wheel-throwing. Here is Clare, giving the potters wheel a bit of a spin and showing us how it's done...

For a lot of people, the act of expressing themselves using creative, practical ways like art, pottery and hands-on-activities, can be very therapeutic. Expressing yourself through other mediums helps individuals unlock their mind, creating a safe, intangible atmosphere between the creator and created. In particular, it can help deal with strong emotions, increase self-awareness and self worth, and decrease stress and anxiety. 

Casually, divulging in such creativity can also bring about positivity and new light of personal capabilities in exploring new hobbies.

If you fancy giving clay a go, why not purchase a box of clay and follow along with Clare's tutorial below