OUR YARD!! Versatile in use, you may have visited it while it was hosting baby Jesus in a manger, full of craft activities at Easter, or at our table top sale. However, on a day to day basis you will find us grooming and caring for our horses. Here you will find more videos of our horses and a glimpse into our Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programme.

Here at Rehoboth, we rely on donations to cover one of our biggest costs: our horses! In total, it costs more to house, feed and care for one horse than all of our small animals put together.

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£10 This amount each week covers one horse's shoeing, flu jabs and vet bills

£30 This amount pays for a young person to access a mentoring session in the horticulture or small animal mentoring streams

£45 This will pay for the bedding for one of our horses for a month

£50 This will pay for a half term's worth of hot chocolate for the young people to drink while they discuss with their mentor

£90 This will feed all of the animals on site for a week