Sponsor Blue for a term

Sponsors will initially receive their certificate of sponsorhip, a "signed" digital picture, and a profile of the animal they have sponsored.

In the second half of the term the sponsor will get a video update from their sponsored animal letting them know what has been going on this term and what their sponsorship money has done to care for the animal this term. 

Autumn: the horses have flu jabs to keep them healthy and active; they need their regular wormers to ensure their food isn't being stolen away; the horses also have physio at this time of year to ensure they are in peak condition to ride and exercise, and they also get extra haylage, hay, and hard food to keep their weight up from the lack of grazing; the farrier visits every 6 weeks to ensure the shodding on the horses in comfortable and safe.

Spring: the horses have tape wormers to ensure they are healthy; we buy in extra disinfectant and have a deep spring clean of the stables to refresh their home after a winter staying indoors more; we also sharpen the clipper blades and shear the horses manes to prevent them over-heating while exercising; the 6-weekly visits from the farrier continue to ensure they have secure footing while riding and playing in the fields.

Summer: The horses get a visit from the dentist at this time of year - fortunately they don't mind the dentist as much as some of our staff; we protect the horses from mosquitoes with repellent; the saddles all get deep inspections and maintenance as the horses will be out riding more vigorously during this season, and of course we continue to get visits from the farrier every 6 weeks.