Prayer for our nation

As we face unprecedented times, with fear and challenges all around us, thank you Lord that you are the light where many see only darkness. Thank you that there are so many opportunities for hope and bettering ourselves and reaching out to our neighbours. We ask that you would still the fear in our hearts, overwhelm it with your peace and love and allow us to see those opportunities. While we stay apart physically, enable us to grow closer to one another in compassion. Continue to guide the government, both on a national and local level with wisdom to deal with the increasing demands on services and resources. Strengthen and protect those on the front lines of tackling this situation, whether that is in the medical locations or education and public services. We pray also for all those young people who attend sessions at JAC, that they would either still be able to attend or would receive the support that they need in other ways. Let this not be a time of backsliding but of strengthening and progress.


Prayer for JAC

Dear Lord,

You are an awesome God whose heart for your creation is the only reason we are here, let alone that JAC exists. Thank you for not giving up on us, for loving us, for giving us a grace we do not, and can not, deserve. Please give strength and peace to the mentors today as they work with the animals and young people. Give them your patience and love for those they are working with but also protect them with your peace and comfort, let their hearts break and then be remade more like you. We ask that you would bless the office staff with the wisdom to make the right decisions, to bring people in to your presence at Rehoboth and to spread the word of JAC so that you might be glorified for the amazing works you do there.


Prayer Diary

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