We would love you to join our FUNdraising Folk, either by helping out at one of our forthcoming events or maybe even planning an event of your own. If you have any ideas you would like to share with us, please do call (01189 441444) for a chat and we will give you any help and support you may need in your efforts.

Create your own JAC Fundraiser

'If it is to encourage, then give encouaragement' - Romans 12:8



Starting with just a £1 coin, how much could you FUNdraise? .. Could it be that £1 is used to purchase ingredients for a cake and with profit, continue to make more and host a bake sale? … Could it be that £1 is used to purchase a song-editing app that enables you to make an EP or a mixtape for friends and family to groove to at home? ... Could it be that £1 purchases a tub of sweets and your neighbours enter a raffle to guess the amount of sweets in the jar?


Have you had the chance to sort out the garage, wardrobe, attic, the cupboard no-one dares looks in but constantly adds to? What a way to get rid of all that junk via a RECYCLE SALE! Host one of these outside your house with a donations box; or even sell online through social media or eBay.


We’ve all heard, or even survived, the ‘Run 5, Donate 5, Tag 5’, why not put that practice into reality creating a ‘street-relay’ or challenge yourself and family to attempt a Marathon, Triathlon, Cycle-athon. Get creative... think cardio, paint-athon, or even a silence-athon (great for toddlers!). Encourage friends and family through the use of social media to fundraise your ‘-athon’ and challenge them to do the same!



For those of you who enjoy a good quiz, why not create one with a goal, go as grand as you fancy – the whole school and company involved. Make it as FUN as possible, branch out with fancy dress or interactive challenges. There is so much versatility of imagination to be found outside the general knowledge round.. And if your quizzed-out, why not try hosting a karaoke night with your street at home or in your local pub!



Why not start up a car wash service for your neighbours, blessing them with that reminder of the shiny new car they first bought. If business really gets going, don’t stop there! Set your sights wider and bless the whole town!



Put those baking skills to the test and set up a bake sale at your home, local school or work place. If baking’s not your thing why not create some cards, bring snail mail back into fashion! Better yet, why not try out making your own cider, vinegars, lemonade, cordial or even soaps and bath salts! The possibilities are endless!



If you’re part of a company, pub, restaurant, nail bar, are there gift vouchers, deals or prizes you could donate to a fundraising auction? Again, make this FUN, hold the auction online, in your local school, pub or work place. Dress up or create a winning bingo with the various donated goods.



Don’t rush off to donate your clothes to charity shops (though a very GOOD thing), why not host a ‘CLOTHES SWAP’. Not only a great way to look after our planet in reusing and recycling, but also a great opportunity to catch up with friends, build a community and have a good old rummage through your mates hidden gems from the 90’s.



Excelling in your horticulture and gardening skills this season? Why not sell little pots of green joy to your community, encouraging and supporting wildlife, whilst increasing oxygen emission in your home, creating a beautiful dwelling place in your back garden.



Host your very own cream tea at home or with friends one Saturday morning! Set a date and share to your desired network  - be it work, school or your street! It can be as fancy as you like, the more the merrier.


Create your own JAC Fundraiser