Dog Paw Balm

We love our animals here at JAC and know a lot of you do too! So why not pop a present for them into your shopping basket this Christmas.

Our balm is made from Rehoboth Beeswax and designed just for the paw's and noses of our beloved doggies. Simply make a small amount of it soft in your fingers and gently rub onto your dogs nose and paws. #

Just like us our dogs can get dry skin on exposed areas with the change in the weather and the colder winds. This balm especially good for the winter time when ice hits our paths and roads and salt is spread to help us, all of which can irritate your dog's paws. If your dog is feeling a bit under the weather and has a dry nose, again simple rub some of the balm on their snout. Show them a bit of extra TLC with our Rehoboth Dog Paw & Nose Balm, it comes in a 60ml aluminium tin, which when the balm is all used up can be cleaned and popped into your recycling.


Rehoboth Beeswax

Oliver oil

Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

Vitamin E oil