Rehoboth Beeswax Bar

A solid beeswax bar rendered from our Rehoboth Beeswax. The bar is approx* 35g (*handmade so there may be slight changes)

Beeswax has so many uses. You can melt this down and re-coat your beeswax wraps making your wraps last even longer. It being beeswax it has natural antibacterial properties.

To re-coat your wax sheet:

- Melt the wax bar over a double boiler (bowl over a hot pan of water)

- Pre-heat your oven to 100 degrees

- To help with spread of the wax, you can add Jojoba oil if you have some add a few drops to the melted wax.

- Put your wrap on a piece of greaseproof paper that's bigger than your wrap.

- Use a clean paintbrush (one that you don't need to use again) paint your wrap with a thin layer of wax.

- Pop the greaseproof paper and wrap into the oven for 3 minutes.

- One final brush of the melted wax from the oven to remove any excess wax.

- Hang up to dry for a couple of minutes.

Remember to only wash in cool water.