Hand Dipped Candles

A truly unique and hand-crafted art are these beautiful pair of hand-dipped beeswax candles. Made from Rehoboth Beeswax they have a slight hint of honey and a gorgeous yellow honey colour.

The pair of candles are dipped into a pot of hot wax over and over again, and layers are slowly built up giving a beautiful hand crafted taper candle, patience is required and it's a lot of work, but we think they are worth it.

As they are all dipped individually there will be slight variation in height and diameter, texture and colour. However, we believe this is what makes them so special, no two candles will be the same; time and dedication has gone into making them just for you.

They are approximately 16cm high and just under 2cm in diameter. Packed with jute twine and a touch of Christmas with a wooden star for decoration.

Please remember to keep an eye on your candles, please don't burn without you being present, they like your company.