Macrame Pot Holders

Handmade at JAC these Macrame Indoor Pot holders have been made by young people at Rehoboth. No two pot holders will be the same.

Made using a simple knot design the pot holders will add a touch of warmth to your indoor plants, enabling them to be hung around the house, workplace or anywhere that needs a plant spruce. 

Supplied with a 14cm Terracotta pot and saucer to catch an excess water, but without plants, they are ready to give extra height to your indoor plants. They've been made using approx 14cm diameter pot, and can be used for pots about 5cm either side of this. They are around 90cm in length.

Hang the loop up on a hook, open out the diamonds to place your pot on the bottom knot, wrapping the rope around your pot. There you have it! An instant spot brightened up.