Our wellbeing centre hosts the main body of our work; here young people engage in our varied mentoring programmes with the goal of making progress towards their goals, be that accessing school, increasing confidence, or processing trauma.

Our mentoring streams

The mentoring streams are the split of the activities we offer for mentoring sessions; every part of the Rehoboth site contributes to the environment we offer the young people but many actually provide the opportunities for learning, growth, and healing that the young people require.

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Accessing our mentoring programmes

Anyone can make a referral, parents/carers included, but most come through schools, the referrer will be the person we discuss the majority of the arrangements with but can liaise with other parties if requested. Generally referred young people will be invited for a taster session first which gives them a chance to be confident they want to attend, be clear which mentoring stream they want to take part in, and to ensure we match them with the best mentor for their needs and interests. This will then be followed by an offer for one of the available slots in our timetable with the selected mentor and mentoring stream.

We are unable to accommodate referrals for young people who have complex multiple learning disabilities, who exhibit significant challenging behaviours or who might be prone to abscond, due to the demands of our working site and the current cohort.

Referrers can call for more clarification 

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Financing sessions

There is a cost to the mentoring programmes although this is heavily subsidised by the charity fundraising, it is best to have funding in place before making a referral as this can hold up the process of placing a young person. We do try and seek additional funds for bursary grants but this isn't always possible and so is normally offered to young people already accessing sessions, in order to extend the period they are able to stay with us. Lots of young people are funded through ECHPs, SEN funding, or Short Breaks funding so these are all options worth exploring.

Signposting alternatives/extensions

We have researched different options in order to provide alternatives to our placements for young people with needs that are more or less intense than our provision is geared towards but also to suggest options for putting even more in place around your young person.

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