Our Rehoboth shop is full of lovely products.

We have a selection of handmade goods made using natural Rehoboth products, including our very own beeswax from our hives. As much as we can we've used sustainable products and kept packaging minimal.

You can find our mouth-watering Rehoboth Honey, eco-friendly Beeswax Wraps, stunning photographs of Rehoboth in the JAC Calendar, and we're continually updating with new gifts and special products.

We've also got ways you can support the work of JAC through Sponsorships, if you've a favourite animal how about sponsoring them to help with the continued care, we've got lots of the animals on here to sponsor, I'm sure you'll find the one, or more, you love!

With Covid-19 restrictions we're constantly reviewing how best to collect your items and at the moment we're offering contactless collection from Rehoboth, just remember to wait for you're email confirmation with a collection date and details on how to proceed. 

We love that we're able to offer you a little bit of Rehoboth to take home and hope you find some really special items in our Rehoboth Shop. Click below to get straight to it!

Rehoboth Shop