The very nature of our work and the identity of Rehoboth (our site) means that work experience at JAC can look wildly different from person to person. Many young people come to us to experience life in a working yard and the rhythms that come with that, others come to experience the sheer variety of small animals we have with varied needs, diets, and housing; you could engage in the hands-on practical tasks of caring for our animals and learning how to see that their needs are met.

On the other hand, the animals here at Rehoboth are just a part of what we do, the site teems with growth and greenery from our orchard, to our polytunnel, to the flowerbeds and allottment, our horticulture work engages young people but also helps to create the environment and resources for the young people and the animals to engage with other sessions and so is core to our identity; you could take a hand in tending to the never ending work of maintaining the plants so they thrive and take on your own project to bring something new to the ecosystem already in place on site. One of the other inhabitants of our site are the bees, working away to create the honey we sell in the Rehoboth shop but so much work goes into creating that jar of honey, both from the bees and our beekeepers! If you are fascinated by the inner workings of the hive then you could spend time working with the bees and investing in all the things that create the perfect environment for them and their excellent honey.

The office work keeps the engines of the charity running and for some young people they might benefit more from learning about the everyday workings of a charity than spending time outside on the site; in the office you could spend time learning how the IT skills you developed at school can actually be applied to make a business work while welcoming customers and supporting the staff; you could finally validate spending all day on social media by diving into our social media campaigns and embracing the JAC brand identity to see some of what a social media officer actually has to put into their work; you could work with the fantastic supporters we have to pioneer and recruit for fundraising events or develop a fundraising strategy of your very own.

Our aim for work experience placements is that you will spend part of the day working on specified tasks that need to be completed each day to help build a routine for you and then part of the day working on an independent project - we will have something in mind for you to work on but the scope of that is entirely up to you. You might create something that will be at Rehoboth for generations to come or totally transform how we work - we want to see what ideas you have. (This is less applicable to the equine and small animals placements due to the volume of daily tasks and solidity of their routines)

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