A bespoke mentoring programme, like our other mentoring streams, is based on relational therapy working with young people where they are, and offering high support. Often children accessing a bespoke programme are still exploring their own identity and trying to recognise their natural traits and characteristics; the mentoring aims to support them in identifying their own identity including realising their own  hopes, dreams, and goals. In the programme we aim to build confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, better quality communication and friendships; with a view to developing self-awareness and more control over emotions.

JAC bespoke mentoring can include a mix of the mentoring streams that are commonly available but is often done with one of our specialist mentors who are experts in carpentry and mechanics. The specialist mentors work with young people with a real passion for learning practical skills and the ability to focus on that with their mentor. Sessions can be adapted to the physical requirements of each young person. 

Young people are referred to this programme from Social Services, Schools, Local Education Authorities, Pupil Referral Units, Youth Services and Parents. We can work with young people in small groups, if appropriate, but most of our work is 1-1.


Young people who have a passion for building and construction often find it is easier to build a relationship with a their mentor and potentially open up about their emotions while working hard on a real project. Those young people on this mentoring stream will find themselves helping an expert craftsman to complete real-world tasks that have a purpose as well as practical learning opportunities. This could range from something as simple as repairing a broken fence to helping construct a whole building, and everything inbetween.A young person poses with the toy castle he built in woodworking sessions.


Our woodworking mentoring is distinct from the Carpentry stream; in the Woodworking stream, young people focus on creating smaller, more detailed pieces ranging from handboards to full-size rocking horses. Young people can request their own projects that they would like to build on this mentoring stream and the pieces are created and taken home by the young people upon completion.


This mentoring stream offers young people with a serious interest in mechanics to learn first hand from an experienced mechancic and gain practical knowledge in the repair of a variety of vehicles ranging from lawnmowers which needs the parts cleaned to dumper trucks that require a full engine rebuild. This is similar to the construction stream in that all of the tasks are ones that really need doing and the young persons' assistance is invaluable in keeping the machines working.

Natural Handcraft (Cottage Industry)

This new mentoring stream revolves around using the natuaral resources of the Rehoboth environment (honey, wax from honey, plants grown on site) and turning these into beautiful handcrafted items that are then sold through our online Rehoboth Shop; this gives the young person experience and insight in to turning raw resources into marketable products and the process of presenting and advertising the products and managing a small industry production process. There is scope for the young person to create their own products and shape the process from beginning to end delivery.


Prices can vary according to the needs of the young person or mentor to young person ratio. Most sessions for bespoke mentoring are priced at £540 per term, based on the understanding that young people engaging with this stream are able to manage their own behaviour and are keen to learn about the area they are booked on to. 

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