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Christianity & Mentoring Sessions

We don't include Christian content in our sessions, we are here to help the young people, not convince them of any religious views. Our faith though is what motivates us to help the young people and our community. Read more

Contact Us

Contact goes through the office as horses cannot use mobile phones Read more

Corporate support

Does your organisation really care about children and young people? Would you like it to show? Please support us and let us show your clients just how much you care. There are many ways you can help our work with children and young people. Read more

Council contracts

We are currently operating under "approved service provider" contracts from Bracknell and Wokingham. Read more

Eden church

Eden is an all age church with members ranging from early teens to older people. Refreshments are served from 7.00pm with the meeting starting at 7.30pm. No two weeks are the same but there is no shortage of fun and energy. Read more

Example - How we're funded

State your case for the support you need, while showing supporters can trust you (be transparent) Read more

Example - Mission, vision, values

What you're all about -- but write to inform and inspire site visitors, not for yourselves Read more

Example - Our history

Tell the relevant, inspiring parts of how you started, where you are today and any major milestones Read more

Example - Our impact

Inspire visitors with all the amazing change you've achieved. It's your chance to show off! Read more

Example - Volunteer for us

Inspire potential volunteers with impact and benefits. Keep descriptions and next steps clear Read more

Example - Where your money goes

Earn your supporters' trust by being transparent and making the impact of their support clear Read more


We would love you to join our FUNdraising Folk, either by helping out at one of our forthcoming events or maybe even planning an event of your own. Read more

JAC in a Box Training Hub

Using the JAC in a Box shop in Wokingham we offer training opportunities for young people who would like to access the job market but need to build skills or confidence before doing so. Read more